i̇tü çeki̇rdek has been placed among the top 3 in the entrepreneurship incubation centers ranking 1


ITÜ Çekirdek was selected as the 2nd best in Europe and the 3rd best in the world by the international UBI Global index, which compares and lists the entrepreneurship incubator centers of the leading universities in the world.


Awaited in anticipation by the world at large, the international UBI Global index, which compares and ranks entrepreneurship incubator centers of leading universities, is unveiled. İTÜ Çekirdek was selected as the second best in Europe and the third best in the world by the UBI Global index in the “university affiliated incubators” category. Resuming its activities within the body of Istanbul Technical University in ARI Technopolis for the last six years, and where the entrepreneurs who participated so far received investments exceeding TL 50 million, ITÜ Çekirdek, which is one of Turkey’s most important entrepreneurship programs, thus achieved yet another significant success.


Evaluating UBI Global results, Chairman of ITÜ ARI Technopolis and Rector of ITÜ Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca said; “ITÜ Çekirdek, competing with the incubation centers of the world’s leading universities, has achieved a remarkable success on behalf of our country and has been chosen as the second best in Europe and third best in the world. In ITÜ Çekirdek, we use a tailormade special form of business model methods and contents used in the leading universities and entrepreneurship centers of the world, of which we adapt to our local conditions and needs, and we improve this continually. To entrepreneurs who are accepted to ITU Çekirdek, we provide support for investment, sales, mentoring and networking areas such as open office, entrepreneurship training, infrastructure support, opportunities to meet with more than 250 volunteer mentors and investor meetings. Over the past six years, we have supported 1,150 enterprises and 3,450 entrepreneurs across the country. This number is increasing incrementally day by day. During this period, our entrepreneurs received more than TL 50 million in investment. I congratulate all of our entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders who have been instrumental in this success of ITU Çekirdek.”


The right address for entrepreneurs: İTÜ Çekirdek

To ITÜ Çekirdek, the right address for entrepreneurs who have innovate and technologically-sound business ideas and who believe their ideas can be transformed into innovative and commercial activities, entrepreneurs and startups in technology fields such as; automotive, fintech, health, IOT and platform can apply. Entrepreneurs who apply to ITU Çekirdek are expected to have an idea or product that can be commercialized. More than 300 companies have successfully corporatized with the support İTÜ Çekirdek and started their own commercial lives. On the other hand, over 40 stakeholders of İTÜ Çekirdek, including Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Automotive Exporters’ Association, ING Bank, Enerjisa, Pegasus, TTGV,, Cardtek, Monitise and the Elginkan Foundation, await providing support to entrepreneurs for the future of Turkey.


Entrepreneurs of all ages, who have a technology-based product and an initiative that can be transformed into service, can apply to İTÜ Çekirdek through web address.


UBI Global, a Swedish-based research organization, aims to improve incubation centers, determine best practices, and develop the business network between them. UBI Global, with more than 500-member organizations in more than 70 countries globally, offers benchmarking, comparison and research services for incubation programs. There are many criteria such as the number of applications received by the incubation center, operational budget, mentor, supporter and instructor pool, training given to entrepreneurs, number of mentors, number of successful entrepreneurs that the center has created, employment created by entrepreneurs, investment and turnover.




About İTÜ Çekirdek

ITÜ Çekirdek Early Stage Incubation Center has supported 1,150 enterprises and 3,450 entrepreneurs since 2012. The total valuation of enterprises that received more than TL 50 million has exceeded TL 415 million. In just six years, enabling hundreds of enterprises to succeed and corporatize with its support, ITÜ Çekirdek has created employment for more than 500 people. Applied by thousands of enterprises every year, ITÜ Çekirdek continues to add value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem with its continually increasing number of stakeholders.