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ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center is the right address for all entrepreneurs with technological and cutting edge products or business ideas, who believe that their product is innovative and suitable for commercial success.

Founded in 2011 with the visionary approach of ITU and ARI Teknokent, ITU Çekirdek has supported technological startups in different sectors since its establishment, aiming to make them fast-growing with scalable business models startups.


Celebrating its tenth anniversary and ranked among the top 5 university incubation centers by UBI Global, ITU Çekirdek provides training, consultancy, mentoring, networking, corporate business partners, press & PR support and services to inspire technology startups at different stages and contribute to their success in the market. Offers all the support that a startup might need like, capital in its journey.


ITU Çekirdek, which offers a massive platform to startups by establishing stakeholder relations with corporate companies, investment networks and professionals that can benefit startups; Thanks to this platform, institutions and startups that can establish cooperation or customer relations come together and enable investors to access the pool.


ITU Çekirdek, which has received more than 50,000 applications from more than 35 countries in the world and from all over Turkey, Throughout their journey, ITU Çekirdek supported more than 4,040 startups and more than 9,000 enterprises, has witnessed their success by accompanying hundreds of startups. 1200 of the startups which ITU Çekirdek supports have become corporations, these startups have reached a valuation of more than TL 17 billion, received investments of more than TL 2.36 billion and a turnover exceeding 500 million TL.


Startups included in the process of ITU Çekirdek are eligible for Pre-Incubation, Big Bang Startup Challenge (Turkey’s biggest entrepreneurship event) and Incubation stages.

Our processes:

  • Pre-Incubation

    • Free Open Office
    • Infrastructure Support
    • Workplace
    • 500+ Volunteer Mentor Network
    • Entrepreneurship Education
    • Training, Consulting and Seminars
    • Demodays (Investor Meetings)
    • ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent Networking
    • Customer Interviews with Corporate Firms
    • Perks (Special opportunities for startups)
  • Big Bang Start-up Challenge

    • Turkey’s Biggest Technology Stage
    • Startup Presentations
    • Award, Cash Award and Investments
    • Total 1.28  Billion TL Award
    • Opportunity to Meet with Investors
  • Incubation

    • Opportunity to Become an Incubator Firm for 1 Year
    • Privilege of Being ITU ARI Teknokent Company
    • Free Open/Closed Office
    • Infrastructure Support
    • Workplace
    • Sector-Specific Mentoring Meetings of the Enterprise
    • Performance Tracking
    • Special Education, Consultancy and Workshops
    • Demodays (Investor Meetings)
    • ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent Networking