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As ITU Cekirdek ; we are proud to witness many success stories in 10 years, with the power of ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent, with the support of our stakeholders, mentors and investors. Although we have added certain number of startups on this page, we can say that there are hundreds of our startups that make us proud with their success. We would like to thank all our entrepreneurs for their valuable contributions to the technology development and economy of our country.


Adgager, bringing a new perspective to the market research sector with its motto “Future of Market Research” and advanced technology, reached a valuation of $6.6 million in 2023, growing its company value 20-fold. The venture boasts strong global strategic partnerships and serves over 200 clients, establishing itself as a significant player in the industry.

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Artiwise, using artificial intelligence to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction, provides services to numerous valuable brands in the automotive, banking, and telecommunications sectors. Operating with offices in Turkey and the United Kingdom, Artiwise launched its “Voice of the Customer Platform” in 2023 following a $600,000 investment.


B2Metric offers an artificial intelligence-based analytic solution that manages processes such as risk scoring, customer movement prediction, segmentation, campaign, and price optimization. The venture continues its operations in the global market, having received investments in 2023 that pushed its total investment amount over $1.5 million. B2Metric collaborates with international brands like Avis, Allianz, BKT Bank, Metlife, as well as national brands including Türk Telekom, AktifBank, Gain Medya, and Tofaş.

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Established with the mission of eliminating the barriers created by blindness through the power of technology, BlindLook combines artificial intelligence and voice to make brands’ products and services understandable and actionable for the visually impaired. Founded in 2019, BlindLook continues its work with offices in the United States and Turkey. The initiative has also partnered with leading companies in Turkey and around the world, such as Amazon, BSH, Orkid, and Pantene, through its EyeBrand project.


Founded in 2011, Büyütech developed Turkey’s first smart camera in 2013. In 2022, they established Turkey’s first digital smart camera production center with an annual capacity of 800,000 units. The venture, which received $7 million in investment across two funding rounds, continues to collaborate with major institutions such as Tofaş, Ford, and TOGG.

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Delifer Enerji

Delifer Enerji, which began its operations in 2019, has contributed to saving 1.48 billion tons of water in 12 million homes and businesses over the past three years as of 2023. This was achieved through their aerators, which are the first in the world to use bioplastic material made from olive pits, a completely natural and locally sourced material, for water conservation. Initially producing within the İTÜ Çekirdek incubator, the venture continues its activities in collaboration with İSKİ to promote a more sustainable world.


Eyedius transforms existing security cameras into an intelligent security system that alerts of risky situations using its developed artificial intelligence technology. With patented and award-winning technologies, Eyedius offers security solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. The venture has accelerated its growth in both Turkey and the global market, raising approximately $600,000 in investment rounds that included Boğaziçi Ventures, StartersHub, and Ak Portföy among its investors.

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Glocalzone continues its successful operations, enabling users to bring products from abroad through travelers. Since its inception, Glocalzone has received investment four times, securing 420,000 Euros in its bridge funding round in 2022.

Hextech Green

Hextech Green, providing food production unaffected by outdoor conditions through its developed technology, has introduced a new dimension to agricultural production with 28 different products aimed at solving issues in the agriculture sector. Its Planting Mix product enables healthy plant production year-round with minimal water and without sunlight. In 2021, Hextech Green received investment based on a valuation of $1.7 million from investors including Keiretsu Forum and Lonca GYSF. The venture continues its growth journey with exports to five different countries.

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Operating in the field of employee health and safety, Intenseye protects the well-being of over 100,000 employees in more than 25 countries and 40 cities as of 2024. With the integration of artificial intelligence technology into its platform, Intenseye successfully identified 36.5 million unsafe actions and facilitated 10.1 million user interventions in 2023 alone, emphasizing the importance of proactive safety measures and risk reduction strategies. By 2024, the total investment amount for the initiative exceeded $93 million.

iUGO Teknoloji

iUGO Teknoloji, which transforms the dynamics of the vehicle tracking sector and driver habits into a learning model to develop efficient driving solutions, received a $1 million investment from Otokoç Otomotiv in 2023. The venture continues its operations in the international market.

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With an eco-friendly and sustainable production approach, Laska, a high-tech company that upcycles end-of-life tires, has become one of the two ventures worldwide producing recovered carbon black (rcb) suitable for rubber parts in the automotive sector. This achievement is in collaboration with Tofaş-Fiat. Compared to conventional methods, their technology saves 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide per tire. In 2021, Laska received a $1.4 million investment from RHEA GSYF, APY Ventures, and angel investors.


Magnus provides artificial intelligence-based portfolio optimization and robo-advisory platforms, enabling investors to achieve optimal asset allocation based on their risk profile, expectations, and constraints. The venture secured approximately $500,000 in investment from IstCapital B.V., Qatar Development Bank, and Alima Ventures.

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Missafir, which provides solutions to facilitate the rental process and create mutual benefits for homeowners and short/medium-term renters, solidified its position as a leading player in the short-term rental sector by serving over 150,000 customers in 2023. With total funding exceeding $2 million, Missafir operates in more than 30 cities and over 100 locations across Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro, and Croatia, managing over 2,300 properties.


Nanomik, which produces next-generation natural biofungicides and various solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, received consecutive investments from TRAngels in 2017. In 2019, the venture won the DeepTech award at the Climate Launchpad competition, funded by the EU and aimed at entrepreneurs developing clean technologies. It also received an award at the Biomimicry competition held in the United States. In 2022, Nanomik secured approximately 850,000 Dolars in investment from Rockstart, TRAngels, Coşkunöz Holding, İTÜ ARI Teknokent, and Arya Women’s Investment Platform.

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Pin Smart Drink

Pin Smart Drink produces Turkey’s first sugar-free, calorie-free, preservative-free, and colorant-free vitamin-enriched iced tea. The company operates in the markets of America, the UK, and Switzerland.


Pubinno, established in 2015, enables stakeholders in the keg beer ecosystem to manage their operations more efficiently using artificial intelligence and robotic technology. Ending 2023 with a growth rate of 119%, Pubinno’s total investment has surpassed $2.3 million. In 2024, the venture continues to expand its operations in the United States with reinvestment from twozero Ventures.

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Rackle (Kobaküs)

Rackle, which enables the management of all bank accounts through a single platform simultaneously and with high security, serves not only Turkey but also Europe and the Middle East. Accessing over 3,000 banks in 13 countries, the venture received an investment of 535,000 Dolars in 2023.


RePG Energy, utilizing changes in relative humidity and temperature within air to produce energy (electricity, heating, cooling) and water, reached a valuation of $60 million with its investment round in 2023. The venture has filed nearly 50 patent applications and contributes significantly to R&D and innovation in the energy sector. It sells its solutions to factories, geothermal plants, and buildings, and also exports to various markets including Uzbekistan, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

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Sensemore, utilizing AI-powered tools to optimize machine performance and reliability, provides end-to-end solutions tailored to customers’ needs, aiming to minimize carbon emissions and downtime. By 2023, Sensemore conducted 1.4 million measurements cumulatively and identified 22,000 faults. As of 2024, the company operates in more than 15 countries, serving over 70 corporate clients and collaborating with more than 25 global partners.


Simularge, known for its technology that minimizes industrial production losses and provides significant cost savings to customers, was part of the Alchemist cohort in 2021, a leading B2B accelerator in the United States. As a leader in both digital twin technology and production-focused simulation software, the venture’s total investment reached $450,000 by 2024. Simularge continues to lead in transformative solutions that revolutionize industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and profitability for its clients.

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Syntonym, providing a secure solution for data anonymization and synthetic face generation to protect individuals’ privacy, joined the Alchemist Program with the aim of expanding in the US, Europe, and the UK markets. After winning the Big Bang competition in 2020, the venture has raised approximately $1.3 million in investment rounds to date. In 2023, Syntonym was recognized by Sifted Magazine as one of the top early-stage startups to watch in the EU.


Virasoft, developing artificial intelligence (AI) and digital pathology solutions for cancer diagnosis and research, supports pathologists’ workflow and decision-making processes by reaching 140,000 cases annually across more than 20 institutions. The venture has received approximately $5 million in investment through its funding rounds to date and continues to grow in the US market.

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Vivoo provides the capability to conduct urine tests in the comfort of home, delivering results that can detect infections within two minutes and offering nutrition and healthy lifestyle recommendations afterward. By 2024, the venture has grown to employ 52 individuals and operates in over 120 countries. In 2021, Vivoo secured a total of $6 million in investment from foreign investors including Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper, enabling it to continue its efforts in the global market.


VSight, providing first-class remote collaboration and digital workflow solutions for industrial enterprises supported by augmented reality, operates in more than 30 countries with over 150 users. The platform counts over 20 partners including Google and Microsoft. In 2021, the venture secured approximately 900,000 Euros in investment from Startup Wise Guys, Estonian Business Angels, and Cocoon Ventures.

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WASK, which enables the centralized management of digital advertisements on a single platform, uses its AI-powered software to analyze the behavior of visitors on websites and mobile applications. This allows users to reach more potential customers and target the most accurate audience with lower budgets. By 2023, the venture had expanded to over 120 countries with thousands of subscribers, achieving a fourfold growth in the past year. The total investment amount has exceeded $3 million.

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