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As ITU Cekirdek ; we are proud to witness many success stories in 10 years, with the power of ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent, with the support of our stakeholders, mentors and investors. Although we have added certain number of startups on this page, we can say that there are hundreds of our startups that make us proud with their success. We would like to thank all our entrepreneurs for their valuable contributions to the technology development and economy of our country.


Arkim, producing a kind of natural antibacterial that is lower in cost and more effective with the calcination of eggshell powder, exports to Far East, Middle East and European countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, on its journey started at ITU Çekirdek.



Thanks to BlindLook, aiming to build an equal, accessible, barrier-free world for all, by making restaurants and menus accessible to the visually impaired; today more than 60 businesses have become accessible. The team has established corporate partnership with 3 companies and the application has currently more than 2,500 active users.

Delifer Enerji

Delifer Energy, producing water-saving aerators with bioplastic material obtained from olive pits, produces more than 60 thousand products per day and saves 350-400 tons of water per year. The startup, working with metropolitan municipalities, continues to work to expand global.



Ecording, a social enterprise that develops technological methods to increase individual environmental awareness and offers environmentally sensitive solutions to the activities people practice in their daily lives, has made 500,000+ seed balls on hard-to-reach barren lands. Ecording, collaborating with more than 10 companies, also supports women’s employment by ensuring that the production of seed balls is done by women. With the #EvdeKalForman campaign, they started the forestation works of #EvdeKal Orman in Ankara, with the support of Intel, Dell Technologies, Adel Kalemcilik, Anadolu Efes and Hub21.


GmPly, which provides all the necessary tools for organizations to create their own interactive training videos and offers innovative approaches in reporting and delivering training, is the most preferred and used interactive video e-learning solution in Turkey as of 2021. With over 400,000 licenses sold and more than 200,000 active users, GmPly has become the leader in its self-created market. Over the past 10 years, GmPly has developed a new generation of education design called “gmplyfication,” which revitalizes online education design that has not been touched before, making previously unwatched or incomplete trainings completable.



Hummingdrone, developing autonomous drone technologies for industrial needs, continues to work with 4 companies. Hummingdrone, developing solutions suitable for the sectors of the companies it works with, established an academy to train professional commercial UAV operators. The startup, which is in contact with private and public institutions, will expand global in 2022.


Intenseye, a workplace health and safety platform, accelerated its efforts after being accepted into ERA. The venture, which recently secured a $25 million investment led by New York-based Insight Partners, is conducting its operations in the United States.


iUGO Teknoloji

iUGO Teknoloji, developing safe and efficient driving solutions, has more than 20 corporate customers today and more than 9,500 drivers use the technology developed by iUGO.


Kobaküs, enabling its users to manage all their bank accounts on a single platform, at the same time and with high security, and is integrated with 27 banks, today has more than 3,500 users and 32.1 million monthly transactions. Its customers include companies such as Vestel, Axa Insurance, Koçfinans, Doğuş Turizm, Anadolu Insurance, Limak Uludağ Energy, Mektebim Okulları, Volkswagen and Doğuş Finance.



Kodeco, which offers a shared electric vehicle and digital service platform for short-distance transportation, has launched 5 electric vehicles produced in its production facility in Izmir, for pilot use in Izmir Karşıyaka, following its many successes in national and international competitions.


Missafir, which managing the process with end-to-end platform it has developed for short and medium-term home rentals, has accelerated after the 12.4 million TL valuation investment it received in 2020 and has reached more than 500 homes with its team over 30 dedicated individuals.



Nanomik, which started its journey in 2017 at ITU Çekirdek, develops natural preservatives that keep food and agricultural products as fresh as the first day without spoiling. Today, Nanomik has 1 international & 1 national patent, awards in the fields of environment and sustainability, more than 36 customers, 4 products and employees.


Ravinspect, enabling autonomous inspection of aircraft surfaces in a short time with the drones they produce, can detect lightning damages with over 90 percent with the image processing algorithm they have developed. Ravinspect, who has been in talks with multiple companies, doubled its support from TÜBİTAK and aims to expand globally by the end of the year.



Scoutium, a digital football monitoring platform aiming to discover talented amateur football players all over the world, has received 3.5 million $ investment. Thanks to the startups, working with more than 30 clubs in Turkey, Germany and Poland, thousands of young talents were analyzed and dozens of football players were discovered.


Sensemore, the world’s smallest and easy-to-use vibration sensor, started mass production and completed its incorporation process. The team doubled its employment, closed the deal with more than 10 companies and became an approved supplier of Tier 1 automotive companies.



Simularge, with its technology that minimizes production losses in the industry and saves millions of dollars a year for its customers, was accepted and got investment in Alchemist, one of the best B2B accelerators in the USA, in 2021. The startup, which is among the top 5 in the world in both digital twin technology and manufacturing-oriented simulation software, has more than 5 leading customers in its field. With the technology they provided to Arçelik, they enabled the institution to save more than 2 million dollars every year.


SmartAdvice, allows people to make the right investment decisions in terms of individual retirement plans by offering advices with the algorithms of artificial intelligence. Allianz which is the collaborator of this design is the first financial supporter and the first customer. Accelerating its technology with the support it received, SmartAdvice works with 8 big companies in the insurance sector at the point it has reached today.



Syntonym, anonymizing the visual data coming from the camera by producing synthetic faces that never existed, in a GDPR compliant manner, accelerated after its first place in Big Bang 2020, prepared its mvp and completed the 3 PoC processes. It is expected to finish its first investment round in 2021.


Teleporter, offering a digital gaming platform where gamers from all over the world can interact with games and spend time doing their favorite things with people like themselves, has received more than 4 million TL investment from Silicon Valley and Turkey. Today, they work with many global companies and continue their work in Silicon Valley.



Virasoft, making the diagnosis of pathological diseases, especially cancer, more effective with the technologies they have developed for the digital pathology and telepathology sector, has received more than 6 million TL investment. The startup, which has many customers in Turkey and abroad, started to be used in MIT laboratories in 2019. Virasoft was also included in the list published by Valuer, the platform that brings together corporate companies and entrepreneurs.


Vivoo’s product, which enables individual tracking of metabolism, is used in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its investors include global investment networks such as Draper Associates, Halogen Ventures, and Techstars.



Vsight, enabling field workers to work more efficiently with smart glasses and mobile device software, thanks to the industrial augmented reality platform they developed, received investment from Startup Wise Guys and was selected as one of the start-ups to be followed in 2021 by EIT Digital. 85% of the startup’s endorsement comes from abroad.

watchX – Kodlanabilir Saat

watchX, developing a coding training kit where users make their own smart watch by combining the parts that comes with product box with simple operations, has exported to 45 different countries and reached more than 2,000 users.