Is there an age or schooling limitation when applying to ITU Çekirdek?

Persons who apply to ITU Çekirdek are expected to be at least high school graduates and over 18 years of age. Students from universities other than ITU can also apply. ITU Çekirdek entrepreneurs are mainly graduates with at least 2-3 years of experience.

Would applying alone by myself be a disadvantage for me at the acceptance stage?

When evaluating start-ups for the ITU Çekirdek, the competence and qualifications of the founding partners and the team members supporting the founding partners are taken into account. Applying alone can be a disadvantage for you on your challenging entrepreneurial journey.

When applying, is the start-up expected to be incorporated?

Being incorporated or un-incorporated is not an expected criterion for the ITU Çekirdek at the application stage. ITU Çekirdek was established to serve the purpose of commercializing successful technological start-ups and eventually to ensure them to make sales. Incorporating un-incorporated start-ups during/at the end of the ITU Çekirdek process is targeted.

Can I apply to ITU Çekirdek with my start-up which I participated in the past or am in the process of participating simultaneously in another competition/center/support mechanism?

Yes, you can apply on condition that this information is stated in the relevant section of the application form.

How will the confidentiality conditions of my start-up that I explained in the application form be provided?

Application forms are read by the jury members who have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Can I apply with more than one start-up idea?

Yes, you can apply to the ITU Çekirdek with more than one start-up idea, but you can continue to the ITU Çekirdek process with just one start-up.

What rights will I have after I join to ITU Çekirdek?

After joining ITU Çekirdek, our start-ups are offered many different opportunities such as participating in 25 hours of entrepreneurship training, benefiting from our pool of more than 250 Mentors, attending to special seminars and workshops, using designated workshops, taking advantage of R&D funds and helping finding the first customer to make a presentation.

I would like to join ITU Çekirdek from outside Istanbul. So how do I solve the problem of continuing to pre-incubation and trainings?

If none of the founding partners and / or team members live in Istanbul, you must indicate this in the application form. In order to use the opportunities provided by ITU Çekirdek such as mentoring and training, we expect you to come to ITU Çekirdek personally.

Can I take part in more than one start-up as co-founding partner?

No, you can only take part in the ITU Çekirdek as a co-founder with one start-up.

Can I show the ITU Çekirdek Office as the company address of my start-up?

No, start-ups can use the office space 24/7, but start-ups in the Pre-Incubation Program cannot show the ITU Çekirdek office as their company address. Only start-ups which take the stage at the Big Bang Final and which have won prizes can show the ITU Çekirdek office as their company addresses.

I won a prize at the ITU Çekirdek Big Bang competition; how do I get paid?

Start-ups that win cash/in-kind prizes in the Big Bang competition are expected to periodically meet with ITU Çekirdek Coordinators to identify and develop their “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)”. As a result of meeting the periodically determined KPIs, prize payments are made for that period, new KPIs are determined for the next period and the payment schedule of the remaining prize is created. These period intervals are decided following interviews with the entrepreneurial team and the ITU Çekirdek Coordinator. In this direction, award money is transferred to the Limited or Joint Stock company that the team of entrepreneurs established/will establish in Turkey.

In case these KPIs are not met, ITU ARI Teknokent has the right to interrupt the payments or not to make any payments to the entrepreneurial team.

Can I apply to ITU Çekirdek again the next year with the start-up that I have already applied and not accepted?

If you did take the Big Bang stage, you cannot apply again with the same start-up. However, if you were not on the stage, you can re-apply to the ITU Çekirdek as long as you have achieved progress with or pivoted your initiative.

I have become a closed office owner at ITU Çekirdek. Can this be enough for me to have a tax exemption?

Unfortunately, this is not sufficient for tax exemption. Being a Teknokent company is a prerequisite for tax exemption and you can apply to become a Teknokent company through ITU ARI Teknokent website.

Important Note:

All the above questions were answered according to ITU Çekirdek procedures. However, depending on the personal circumstances of the entrepreneurs and the compulsory conditions brought by the current conjuncture, ARI Teknokent reserves the right to make changes to the rules in exceptional circumstances when it deems necessary with the decision of the ITU Çekirdek Executive Board.

(For example: If it is necessary that a group that has won an award in the Core Competition must not have established a company to apply for a state fund, even if the rules indicate otherwise, award money may be transferred to the entrepreneurial group by the decision of the Board of Directors of ARI Teknokent.)

Obtaining Industrial Registration Certificate for Software Companies!

Companies employing 1-10 people will be able to get information from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and companies employing 10 or more people from Istanbul Chamber of Industry and apply to those institutions.