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ITU Çekirdek brings together the initiatives that it has supported so far with the leading national and international investors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and investment networks on various platforms.
Investors gain the opportunity to meet the startups included in ITU Çekirdek in different verticals and stages early, while startups have the opportunity to quickly access their investment networks.
Initiatives supported by İTÜ Çekirdek have reached a valuation of more than 4,7 billion TL and received investments of more than 773 million TL.

How does İTÜ Çekirdek Bring Startups and Investors together?


Sector Based Meetings

Sector/subject-oriented entrepreneur-investor meeting days are organized for investor institutions or individuals interested in investment in a certain sectoral field at ITU Çekirdek.


Demo Day

Entrepreneur groups, who have been accepted to ITU Çekirdek and have successfully completed the 7-week entrepreneurship training, are brought together with investors through Demo Days, which are held 4 times a year. Angel investment networks, investors and corporate companies, which are among the stakeholders of ITU Çekirdek, have the opportunity to meet startups at Demo Days during the whole the year, while investors have the chance to evaluate their investment decisions throughout the process.

Big Bang Start-up Challenge Semi-Final

Investors, who are stakeholders of ITU Çekirdek, have the opportunity to recognize and invest in startups that have successfully completed their training processes during the year, developed their ventures during the Pre-Incubation stage and qualified for the Big Bang Start-up Challenge Semi-Final.


Big Bang Start-up Challenge

All investors will have the opportunity to listen to the Top 20 entrepreneur groups, who have been successfully promoted among tens of thousands of applications at the Big Bang Start-up Challenge, the entrepreneurship stage of Turkey, on the stage, while meeting with nearly 100 entrepreneurial groups, each of whom is assertive in their field, in the foyer area and participating in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. seizes the opportunity to get to know the newest startups and invest.


If you have previously invested in startups, if you say “I can financially support technology startups”; You can fill out the form to become our Investor Stakeholder and get together with ITU Çekirdek initiatives!