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What is ITU Cekirdek Partner Incubation Program?


ITU Çekirdek, which offers equal opportunities to startups globally and is one of the top 5 in the world, shares its knowledge, resources and expertisethat gained from the past cohortswithin with incubation centers and acceleration programs all over Turkey, the scope of the Partner Program.

Within the scope of the partnership, the opportunities that offered to a technology entrepreneur in Istanbul during ITU Cekirdek process, are also provided to entrepreneurs located in other provinces through partner incubation centers.

In this context, startups from partner incubators get the chance to take part in the Big Bang Start-up Challenge, Turkey’s entrepreneurship stage.

Who Can Become a Partner?


ITU Çekirdek Partner Program is open to all incubation centers and acceleration programs that work with a “defined program and process” to support technology entrepreneurs.

To be included in the Partner Program, centers must have some certain criterias:

  • Aiming to support technology entrepreneurship and spread it around,
  • Whether it is for profit or not, operating in accordance with ethical codes of conduct that will protect the benefit of the entrepreneur, as a goodwill gesture,
  • Having at least one full-time staff member engaged to support only early-stage entrepreneurs,
  • Having a physical area compatible with the scale that it aims, open to fixed or shared use as an incubation or pre-incubation place to support entrepreneurs,
  • Having a sustainable relationship network with the universities, techno parks and other related stakeholders,
  • Aiming to provide the necessary resources for travel and accommodation costs to send to meet with investors in Istanbul, for successful startups selected during the partnership,
  • Having a defined process to support entrepreneurs and a website that provides information to entrepreneurs about this process and collects their applications,
  • Announcing the relationship of pre-incubation partnership with ITU Cekirdek on the website.

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