What is the purpose of ITU Çekirdek Partner Programme?


ITU Çekirdek has adopted it an objective to support all technology entrepreneurs that needed it as an early-stage incubation centre that has been available to entire Turkey since the day it was established.


A total of 24.832 projects were evaluated throughout Turkey in the first 6 years. 3.450 entrepreneurs that made up 1.150 early-stage technology start-ups were funded and among these, the ones who were able to convince the investors received investments worth over 35 million TL in total.


Another step was taken in 5th year of ITU Çekirdek and all information and resources filtered from the experiences of the past years started to be shared with speed-up programmes, incubation centres and pre-incubation centres in Turkey and even all around the world. ITU Çekirdek has become a big feast as of its 6th year where good ideas arose, entrepreneurs celebrated their investments with their angel investors and all partners of BigBang Entrepreneurship Contest participated.


In this way, just as a technology entrepreneur attains access to some trainings, mentoring and resources when (S)he reaches ITU Çekirdek at pre-incubation stage and gets the opportunity to meet angel investors and risk capital companies, all of these facilities were rendered available to our country and even all the entrepreneurs who have set their eyes on İstanbul.

Who can be Partners?

ITU Çekirdek Pre-Incubation Partner Programme is open to all speed-up programmes as well as incubation and pre-incubation centres that work with a “defined programme and process” in support of technology entrepreneurs.

In order to be included in the partner programme, the relevant centre is expected to:

  • Aim to support technology entrepreneurship and spread it around,
  • Regardless of being non-profit or profit-oriented, to undertake clearly to exhibit an ethical behavioural pattern that will uphold the interests of the entrepreneur in the first place,
  • Have at least one full-time personnel that work on supporting only early-stage entrepreneurs,
  • Have at least one physical area that complies with the targeted scale, is open to shared usage or fixed as an incubation or pre-incubation venue to support entrepreneurs,
  • Have a sustainable relationship network with the universities and teknoparks around as well as other relevant stakeholders,
  • Aim to provide or cause to provide necessary resources for travel and accommodation expenses relating to sending of successful groups selected during partnership to İstanbuk from time to time to meet investors,
  • Have a certain and defined process to support the entrepreneurs and a web site that gives information to entrepreneurs about  this process and collect their applications,
  • Appropriately declare its pre-incubation partnership relationship with ITU Çekirdek on the relevant web site after it starts.

ITU Çekirdek Partnership Types


Within the scope of the Programme 3 types of partnership were defined as platinum, gold and silver.


The facilities provided according to type of partnership are as follows: