About This Project

Sleeping and breathing form basic needs of human kind.  Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome, (OSA) risked our health by preventing our basic needs to be filled on a large scale while we are sleeping.  Intra-oral soft tissue subsides and occludes the airway temporarily with the impact of muscle loosening and gravity during sleeping process. This Occasion happens all night long several times that not only impacts sleep quality but also receiving oxygen that one’s body needed, gets impossible. Symptoms of this diaseas can be ranged from snoring, morning sleep, memory lost to the concentration disorder. Even if symptoms seem pretty annoying, untreated OSA may cause much more critical problems like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovasculer in one’s health.

Patients couldnt embrace the current methods of OSA’s treatment in which are used due to it’s lack of comfort providing.

3Z team developed a device that is portable,innovator,efficent,silent, and comfortable intra-oral device on the purpose of OSA treatment under the roof of Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering Institude. First generation prototype of this innovator device which is produced with 3d printer tested with the participation of patients who have OSA by clinical work which is based on Method of Magnetic Resonance Screening in the Kozyatağı Acıbadem Hospital.

This new treatment has been noticed accurate approach. The participants who were used this device were observed growth in patient’s airway capacity up to %59. For this reason, this time, second clinical work which is based on Full Sleep Test was initiated with the second generation prototypes produced from silicon by 3Z.

Base motivation of 3Z enterprise relies on changing ideas into the products and become a hope for the one’s who has OSA by producing new treatment options. Wider steps have been made in the direction of changing prototypes into the products, being able to make wide scale manufacturing and improving to the advanced versions of products.


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