About This Project

Abidos is an Application which is called “Taksi Rehberi”. It is developed by Abidos Information Technologies. It provides better income, quality, economy and better safety service by taking advantage of taxi station technologies. The system needs GSM and tablet computer supported by GPS in taxis and computer with an internet connection in stations to work properly.

How Does It Work?

Customer should download “Taksi Rehberi” from it’s phone. When she needs a taxi, pushes the”Call a Taxi” button. When the avaible taxi driver confirms the “You Have a New Customer” call from customers, adresses, cell phone number and location of Customer can be seen by the Taxi Driver. The Customer can see driver’s car plate, name, car model and location at the same time. Device features navigation properties so that it enables the device to display customer’s location and determine the shortest route. Customer and Driver can be able to see eachother’s location step by step, in this way, there will be no unnecessary waiting, time lost and fuel waste. When the transportation is over customer can also load her complacency rate to the app.

Smart Station Management

If the taxi call which is come from cell phone to the station center are in nearby place, they are sent to next taxi. If the taxi call is out of the station center, they are sent to the driver who is closest the customer. If the vehicle is in the station line, system throws the driver who accepted the customer, from the line automatically. It changes the line of other vehicles.  The taxi processing takes just 5 second in every call after the regular customer is registered by the system. Administration of the station can see the received customers, completed calls instantly and also can see the vehicle who is directed to the customer. “Taxi Rehberi” is suitable for creating customer information system. As soon as the registration is created by the system, administration of the station can be able to see customer’s saved location,address and direction,phone number with specially added notes on the screen by entering saved number or the company’s name, the customer’s name or phone number to the system. Sending taxi to the customer takes only one push.