About This Project

3DRubber is a work of weight allevation in rubber bushes in which are used in a vehicle as 50 piece in average. Rubber bushes are really important as it provides the vehicle’s comfort requirement by absorbing vibration,impact and strikes that comes from the vehicle’s moving parts and it prevents them to reach center of the vehicle. Weight allevation is aimed at 30 gram at minimum in rubber bushes and 1,5 kilogram at minumum on top of the vehicle by using special geometrical and production method owing to reduce 2 percent of CO2 emission value at minimum per year and also provide 5 percent of fuel saving at minimum per year. At the same time, the vehicle’s lifetime extension is expected by reducing heating in the certain parts of the vehicle through it’s porous geometry. Rubber stiffening which is originating from friction and the sound which is formed by stiffening impact and problem of vibration are prevented by using 3DRubber.

3DRubber was considered to be qualified for a prize and investment worth of 50.000 TL as a secondplace winner at Big Bang 2017.