With Express, which is positioned as a faster pre-incubation period, in addition to the ITU Cekirdek pre-incubation opportunities; entrepreneurs can meet ITU Cekirdek stakeholder institutions and organizations faster, meet with investors earlier and give less share options for pre-incubation services.


The enterprises that will be accepted to this process are expected to have completed their products and made their first sales. Enterprises that are expected to be in the product development and customer development phase are expected to prefer the Express program for investor search.

ITU Cekirdek Stakeholders

Express entrepreneurs, whose products are ready, get the chance to meet with the institutions and organizations that are ITU Cekirdek stakeholders.

Express Meetings with Investors

The opportunity to meet with ITU Cekirdek approved investors who promised to invest in their ventures.

Less stock options

Since, the product and business model of Express enterprise already ready, they undertake to offer less stock options for ITU Cekirdek pre-incubation services.