Sector-Based Meetings

Sector/subject oriented entrepreneur-investor days are organized for investor institutions and people interested investing especially in a sectoral field.



Demo Day

The entrepreneur groups that are admitted to ITU Çekirdek and have successfully passed the 7-week entrepreneurship training are brought together with the investors through the demodays organized 4 times a year. While the angel investment networks, investors and corporate companies that are included in the stakeholders of ITU Çekirdek have the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs throughout the year through demodays, the investors have the chance to evaluate their decision to make investments throughout the process.



Big Bang Semi Final

The investors who are ITU Çekirdek stakeholders have the opportunity to get to know and invest in the start-ups that have completed their training process within the year and qualified to BigBang semi-finals by developing their start-ups at pre-incubation stage.



Big Bang

All investors have the opportunity to listen to the top 20 entrepreneur groups that have behind thousands of applicants on Turkey’s entrepreneurship stage, BigBang, meet around 100 entrepreneurs, each of whom are ambitious in their fields, in the foyer and get to know and invest in the newest start-ups that have joined the entrepreneurship ecosystem.