Big Bang | Start-up Challenge:

Big Bang, which aims to be one of the leading entrepreneurship activities of the world, brings the early-stage technology start-ups with the business world. “Turkey’s Entrepreneurship Stage: Big Bang” where technological start-ups are staged in November of every year, competition is fierce and the tempo never decreases brings entrepreneurs to the focus of investors and funds and helps financing of entrepreneurs at incorporation stage to meet investors and attain prospective customers. It also enables them to reach awards and investments worth 8.6 Million Dollar in total (2019 data).


In Big Bang, where entrepreneurs that develop their ideas in the early-stage incubation centre are assessed and the ones closest to the market are chosen and take the stage, potential entrepreneurs and investors that participate as observers also have the opportunity to be informed about the innovative ideas and business models and meet trending start-ups.


Start-ups who become entitled to take the stage in Big Bang are provided with an environment where they can get together with the press, stakeholders and investors, learn about cooperation facilities and access prospective customers. In addition to these, start-ups who are given award and investment may be entitled to enter the incubation program of the early-stage incubation centre for 1 year.


Technology start-ups are competing in “Turkey’s Entrepreneurship Stage, BigBang” for investments and award worth 8.6 Million Dollar in total!

While such facilities as various network opportunities, meeting investors, business plan preparation process, product development process, synergy environment and the competition environment that includes the entrepreneur groups during the course of ITU Çekirdek Big Bang enable the entrepreneurs to experience a real commercial life, Big Bang awards provide the ITU Cekirdek capital in order for transfer of projects to the industry.

20 Entrepreneur groups on the stage

Award and Investment at the amount of 8.6 Million Dollar

15+ Angel Investor Network

40+ Stakeholders


Fund worth 8.6 Million Dollar for the entrepreneurs in one night!

  • Big Bang

    ITU Çekirdek Big Bang is one of the biggest entrepreneurship events of Turkey. Entrepreneurs take the stage to impress the investors and get a share from the big award of 8.6 Million Dollar in Big Bang.

  • For the Participants

    After the assessment period, the start-ups that have the chance to take the stage take important steps towards being the prominent companies of the future while the participants also have the opportunity to personally witness the future there.

  • For the Investors

    The investors have the opportunity to listen to and get to know all the start-ups that become entitled to take the stage in Big Bang event as of quarter-finals and semi-finals. They also have the chance to invest in fresh start-ups that have joined the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • For the Entrepreneurs

    In Big Bang, the entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get informed about innovative ideas and business models as well as meeting the rising start-ups. They can also perform networking with the companies and investors that join the event.

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