About the BIGG | ITU Cekirdek Category


BIGG | ITU Cekirdek is looking for entrepreneurs who wish to build their ventures using TÜBİTAK support.

Entrepreneurs who wish to build the venture of their dreams with a capital of TL 150,000 provided as a grant by the TÜBİTAK Individual Young Entrepreneur program may apply to BIGG | ITU Cekirdek. Seeking to reinforce the R&D- and innovation-based technological infrastructure in Turkey, ITU Cekirdek is a “1512 Technological Venture Capital Support Program 1st Phase Implementer” of the TÜBİTAK 1601 program, and prepares its entrepreneurs to apply to the second phase of the program. In other words, ITU Cekirdek paves the way to TÜBİTAK 1512 Techno-venture Capital.


Who can apply?


– Current students of any undergraduate program in a university expected to graduate within one year, or undergraduate degree holders who have graduated from their respective institutions less than 10 years ago, and

– Registered students of any graduate or doctorate program in a university, or master’s and PhD degree holders who have graduated from their respective institutions less than 10 years ago may apply to the program provided that:

– They have not received capital support from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Techno-venture Capital Support Program or the TÜBİTAK 1512 Program 2nd Phase, and

– They are not shareholders in any company as of the date of submission.Note: Application criteria may be found on the online application form. Please read the current documents for any updates.

** Application requirements are announced by TÜBİTAK every year in their calls for applications. All applicants are required to read the terms and conditions for application at


How to apply?


Teams who believe that they fulfill the Group / Entrepreneur and Idea / Project Criteria can submit an online application on the ITU Cekirdek website by clicking on “Apply” and selecting the BIGG | ITU Cekirdek Category.

You can make revisions on your application during the submission period. No more revisions will be allowed on application forms at the end of the submission period announced by ITU Cekirdek.

Teams who complete their submission will receive an automated “Application complete” email.


The assessment process


– All applications will go through the Online Assessment phase. The online phase will assess the structure of the entrepreneur teams, project qualities and innovative points, economic and technological feasibility of the projects, and how and to what extent the entrepreneur teams can benefit from ITU Cekirdek. Teams who pass the Online Assessment will be invited to ITU Cekirdek by email to make a project presentation.

– Teams invited to the Pre-Evaluation Jury will be expected to deliver a 4-minute presentation on their projects and team members. The jury will then select projects based on ITU Cekirdek and TÜBİTAK BIGG program objectives and evaluation criteria.

* Teams who present before the BIGG | ITU Cekirdek Pre-Evaluation Jury will receive email responses on their acceptance status. However, no score or ranking information will be provided.


I’m in! Now what?


Entrepreneurs who are accepted to the BIGG ITU Cekirdek process in the Pre-Evaluation will be invited to the Kickoff Meeting that will be held at a date to be announced by the ITU Cekirdek Executive Board. You will meet with other entrepreneur teams and the ITU Cekirdek Executive Board. You will also be informed on ITU Cekirdek procedures, objectives and expectations in this meeting.

Entrepreneur teams accepted for preincubation are required to deliver the signed originals of the BIGG ITU Cekirdek Letter of Commitment and ITU Cekirdek Preincubation Letter of Commitment (signed by all team members in ink) to the ITU Cekirdek Executive Board within 1 week of the Kickoff Meeting.ITU Cekirdek is not responsible for delays in postal or personal delivery.

As an ITU Cekirdek entrepreneur, you are now looking at the “BIGG ITU Cekirdek Preincubation Acceleration Program.” For more information on subsequent phases, click here.