The start-ups may use ITU Çekirdek 24/7 as a work office in the 800 m2 pre-incubation area located in ARI 3 building in ITU Ayazağa campus in Maslak free of charge.



The entrepreneur groups admitted to ITU Çekirdek receive the trainings they need in the path to becoming successful companies at the weekends and in the evenings on weekdays.


ITU Çekirdek Entrepreneurship Training Programme, which is design specifically for Turkey and ITU Çekirdek Ecosystem after being inspired by the entrepreneurship lessons delivered in Berkeley and Stanford, were offered to the entrepreneurs by academicians of ITU Business Administration Faculty.


The training period, which is planned to take 7 weeks, has a systematics that repeats itself. The training programme, which incorporates all areas needed by entrepreneurs in the process of writing their own success stories and being ready and equipped against all the challenges that may come up at each stage on the path they have taken, is applied by “Business Model Canvas with Lean Start-Up” method. This method is combined with the world-wide known “Design Thinking**” method in a way that is specific to ITU Çekirdek and it is ensured that the entrepreneurs create lean start-up methods in contact with as many customers/target groups as possible.


* “What is LeanStartup?”

LeanStartup is a methodology that was suggested in 2011 and is focused on business and product development. It is based on the idea that start-ups can minimize many risks, losses and failures they may encounter if they take into account the comments of their first customers and develop their services accordingly. The method aims to prevent unnecessary time, effort and resource consumption.


**”What is Design Thinking?”

This method, which should be applied with a methodology, is based on solving the problem with practical and innovative approaches. In this method; which is based on foundations of empathy, creativity and rationality, empathy refers to correct analysis of emotions and thoughts of the target group; creativity to attaining a solution with an innovative suggestion and rationality to reasonability of the opinion presented as a result.



ITU Çekirdek brings investors and entrepreneurs together regularly and makes the entrepreneurs the focal point of funds.



New equipment is provided according to entrepreneur requirements for the laboratory area where devices necessary for Research and Development are available in basic engineering areas and entrepreneurs may use the laboratories 24/7.



Research and Development fund pool was created so that start-ups admitted to ITU Çekirdek Incubation can develop their prototypes and meet their needs in business development processes. The start-ups can obtain the raw material they need upon requesting it from the ITU Çekirdek Administration.



ITU Çekirdek is under the roof of a zone that incorporates R&D companies of ITU ARI Teknokent that have advanced technology as well as in the information flow environment provided by the existence of a strong academicians within ITU campus.



The entire infrastructure where telephone, fax and photocopy services are offered free of charge and kitchen facilities are available is readily presented to the start-ups.



There are over 300 experienced and successful voluntary mentors who give success tips to entrepreneurs on how they should proceed and know their capabilities, skills and targets well.



Start-ups receive discounts or free tenure from companies such as Amazon, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Iyzistart, ZEO, HubSpot, Zendesk, Teamgram, Logo and Stripe Atlas, which cooperate within the scope of “Perks for the Start-ups of İTÜ Çekirdek”.


Developments of start-ups are followed closely with regular monthly performance follow-up and sale follow-up with the mentors appointed specifically for the start-ups at incubation stage. Their development is targeted with special trainings and consultancies tailored to their needs.