Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people should be in a group?
A startup may consist of at least 1 at most 4 people. 
Is applying alone a disadvantage for me during the acceptance period?
Of course the jury will consider team members’ abilities and efficiencies while evaluating your project. It is possible to apply on your own and this is not a reason for refusal. However, we advise you to add convincing arguments on why being a one-man group will not create any management problems.
Can a group apply with different projects?
Yes you can apply with more than one project. Without needing a new registration  in the system - you may add more projects with same registration code. However,only one project from each group will be chosen to be supported.
Can I be accepted for more than one project to ITU SEED, and win more than one award/investment?
No, even if you apply with more than one project, only your highest ranked project will be accepted. Contestants won’t have this right because developing projects and business plans synchronously would cause problems. Also it is against one of ITU SEED’s principles: as many possible groups should benefit from ITU SEED.
Can I be in different teams as a member, and apply to ITU SEED with different teams and different projects?
No. You need to decide which group you want to be in from the beginning. Being a member of different teams creates an ethical violation and right of privacy problems. After all, different groups will be competitors during process.
Is there an age limit for applying SEED?
No, there are no age limitations.
What happens if one or more group members quit after acceptance to ITU SEED?
Because ‘group members’ is one of the criteria that were evaluated during application process, leaving members would change the reason for acceptance. Just as you would not be able to change your project, you won’t be able to change team members as well. But if there are personal and necessary reasons, you will have to explain your reasons with a petition to ARI Teknokent.  This does not mean your reason will be accepted even if it is eligible. Change in the number of group members may cause disqualification.
May we leave ITU SEED as a group?
Yes, you can leave ITU SEED with wavier of all rights. But this results in hindering another group’s right and not being evaluated yourselves. Success, mistakes and your every action during ITU SEED, where many jury members, investors and companies are watching with interest, will be references in your future.
I have a job. If I am selected for ITU SEED, when can I use Pre-incubation?
For entrepreneurs who are in school or who have a job, ITU SEED Pre-incubation will be open 24/7. Also educational and coaching meetings will be held on week day evenings on and on weekends.
I won the contest, but I don’t want to start-up a company?
ITU SEED was founded basically for providing services for commercialization of successful technological ideas.  And starting up a company will be expected of you after the process. You need to report if you have any special reasons not to comply with this expectation to ITU ARI Teknokent, with a specific application form. (For example being in a military school or developing the project just for Turkish Army…)
I won the contest, can I get the money and office awards if I don’t start-up a company?
No, if you don’t start-up a company you can not get money or office awards.
When will I get the money if I win?
The first place award (Elginkan Technology Award) and all the other awards will be deposited to bank accounts of established companies’ bank accounts according to their ‘business plans’ foresighted financial requirements and after a written petition for payment has been submitted.
Can I win more than one award with my project?
Yes, if jury deems it worthy you may win more than one award.
Can I apply with a project that I applied for in another contest/center/support mechanism before or simultaneously?
Yes, if you share this information on your application form you can.
Can I apply to ITU SEED, even If I won or lost in another contest?
Yes, if you share this information on your application form you can.
Can I add new shareholders to company after I won the award?
Yes, you can if you get a written permission from ITU SEED and ITU ARI Teknokent.
Who will have the intellectual property rights of the project?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will belong to all group members. IPR may belong to some group members if there is a special contract between group members. If this is the situation you must write this on application form.

But this does not mean they can not be sold or transferred afterward. This is the entrepreneur group's decision after getting consent from ITU ARI Teknokent.

Can I apply with same project that I applied with before and was rejected?
How are the privacy rights preserved?
All jury members who see application forms and business plans will sign a confidentiality agreement. Also, all entrepreneur project’s IPR applications will be done by Yalçıner Counseling for free.
I want to join ITU SEED out of İstanbul. How will I solve Pre-incubation and Mini MBA problems?
If you have group member who lives in İstanbul, he/she can represent your group and project. If neither of the group members is living in İstanbul and there are limited transportation possibilities, this situation will be submitted for approval with an additional petition. If ARI Teknokent accepts the excuse as eligible, the involved people may be excused from attendance. However, it should not be forgotten that ITU SEED process is designed as a whole to achieve success. Not attending educations and events may be a disadvantage for you and your project.
Also attendance of all group members is necessary on jury presentation day, acquaintance meeting and final day. Being out of city/country is not an acceptable excuse.
I have graduated from university some years ago, and now I am a freshman at Open Education Faculty. Can I apply ITU SEED?
For people who already have an undergraduate degree and are going to school for another one do not need to be junior or senior. But candidates in this situation have to document their graduation along with application papers.
I have graduated from university 15 years ago. Can I apply ITU SEED?
When I apply for ITU SEED my project will be open to the jury’s evaluation. Do I lose my patent application rights because of my project will be announced to the public?
The jury evaluation will be under nondisclosure principle therefore “explanations to the jury are not accepted as announcement to the public”. Before public announcement, the patent application has to be done. This will be done for ITU SEED entrepreneurs for free.
We live out of İstanbul. Is it necessary to attend trainings?
Members of accepted ITU SEED entrepreneur groups have to attend %80 of trainings. Group members who do not live in İstanbul, have to submit their petitions to ITU SEED Center after acceptance.
I have an office in ITU SEED. Does this provide tax exemptions for me?
In order to benefit from office space, Teknokent legislations and wax exemptions startups must apply and get approved as R&D projects.
I have applied to ARI Seed last period, I passed the pre-evaluation and came all the way to the finale; but I did not receive an office or an award. Can I apply to ARI Seed with the same project next year?
No, you can not apply for the new period.
I have competed in ITU SEED Finals and won an award. Can I apply again?

Critical Note:
All questions above were answered through ITU Cekirdek procedures. But ITU Cekirdek Executive Board reserves its right to change rules depending on entrepreneurs’ individual conditions or conditions of daily life if found necessary by ARI Teknokent.
“(For example: An award winning group should not start-up their company in order to get public funds, even if the rules says otherwise, with ARI Teknokent Executive Board decision, its award will be transferred to group.)