Criteria for Ideas

The assessment will be based on the project's  contribution to the Turkish economy and technological know-how, its applicability and commercialization potential.

If an applicant entrepreneur team is chosen to receive a prize/investment at the end of the process and start their companies, no persons other than the members of the group will be allowed to be shareholders of the startup save for obtaining a written approval from ITU ARI Teknokent Management.

Entrepreneur teams whose submissions were not accepted by ITU Seed or who were unable to realize their projects (receive funding) may apply to ITU Seed again after they further develop their projects.

Criteria for Entrepreneur Teams

All entrepreneurs can apply ITU Seed regardless of nationality.
Application is open to all undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students and graduates of universities under the supervision of the Turkish Council for Higher Education (including Open University Faculties).
To encourage reverse brain drain, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students and graduates of foreign universities may also apply. ITU Seed is open to applications by entrepreneurs with technology-based innovative project ideas.
Entrepreneurs may apply individually or as groups of up to 4 members.
One person cannot be a member of more than one group. Applications of groups that have a person who is a member of another group will be rejected.
All members of entrepreneur teams accepted to ITU Seed will be required to maintain at least 80% attendance to trainings and meetings during the preincubation and acceleration stages. Fulfillment of these requirements has a direct impact on Entrepreneur team Performance Criteria.
Even though ITU Seed applications are assessed by the worth of their projects rather than group credentials, members will be required to possess the fundamental qualities of successful entrepreneurs. entrepreneur team Group members may complement each other in each of the following requirements:

  • Having the fundamental engineering background to implement the project;
  • Having basic marketing, finance and industry knowledge to commercialize the project;
  • Having the communication and self-expression abilities that are required in business.


So you read the Group / Entrepreneur and Criteria for Ideas and you think you or your group are an exact match. Then first, you must fill in the Application Form which you can access on the ITU Seed Application link. 

The online Application Form will remain open throughout the submission period. You can complete your application form in a single session or you can go back to filling in your form at different times. 

No more revisions will be allowed on application forms at the end of the submission periodentrepreneur team.

Assessment Process

During the whole assessment process, judges will assess the structure of the entrepreneur teams, project qualities and innovative points, economic and technological applicability of the projects, and how and to what extent the entrepreneur teams can benefit from ITU Seed. If you are one of the entrepreneur teams who passed the online screening,  you will be invited to ITU ARI Teknokent to present your project.

Pre-Evaluation Committee Meeting

After the presentations of all invited entrepreneur teams, judges will determine which groups will be accepted to ITU Seed in line with ITU Seed Objectives and Evaluation Criteria.


Hurray, I am in!

Congratulations ! Your ITU Seed application has been accepted.
If you are among the applicants who were accepted to ITU Seed in the Pre-Evaluation, you will be invited to the Kickoff Meeting that we will hold as soon as practicable.  You will meet with other entrepreneur teams and Instructors, Coaches and ITU Seed Executive Board. You will also be informed on ITU Seed procedures, objectives and expectations in this meeting.
Entrepreneur teams accepted for preincubation are required to deliver the signed originals of the below listed documents to ITU ARI Teknokent within 3 business days:

  • Application Form printed from the database (all group members must sign in ink)
  • Entrepreneur team ITU Seed Contract (all group members must sign in ink)

ITU Seed shall not be responsible for delays in postal or delivery services.
Now, as a ITU Seed group, you have the Business Plan Application Process and Business Plan Presentation Day ahead of you. After you present your project to the judges on the Business Plan Presentation Day, ITU Seed finalists who will compete in the Big Bang will be determined. The ITU Seed Big Bang will be a public event including presentations and an award ceremony.